Panic Ruminations

by Chief and the doomsday device

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released January 24, 2020

written by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice
produced by K Death of Moodie Black
executive produced by Ian Quinn
cover art by MARS9T8D4


all rights reserved



Moodhouse Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: offhand elegy
pressure breaks pipes
leading to the saturation of the whole foundation
cause asphyxiation of the architecture
so that it cannot weather the storm
hindering ability is killing me
something much more than softly
a toast to the lofty goals
of lost souls in transit
handing in tickets to cash out
and taking the back routes
the arrival of eloquence
seen as an invasive element
with delicate dedication to a false tenet
a remnant now unconditionally ignorant

problematic implementations of incantations
taken in the wrong context
too complex for inanimate objectification
and eventual pedestal placement
keep it on the level
leave it on the square if you wanna get a bit more subtle
carve time out of my day to meddle with these muggles
take the anatomy of reality apart
like a surgical dirge
a turgid melody for another offhand elegy
the voices keep telling me
Track Name: birds eye view
feeling subdued as i come down to earth
from my bird’s eye view

scary hours curfew settlements for residents
burning empty calories off of embellishment
dwelling in the delicate balance one’s presented
makes lack of half-steppin the most vital of tenets
in the skill set if you aren’t hoping to get reckt
i assess threats on the level of insects
interject backchannel chatter that i gather
like a master of none subject to the ladder

feeling subdued as i come down to earth
from my bird’s eye view

under the sufficient conditions, we will utilize
new definitions of the old compositions
with the clarity of context applied to provide
other levels of insight some seek to hide
meaning the apotheosis is unnoticed
visionaries falling too short with the focus
blurring the lines in all kinds of ways
as i levitate to navigate outside the maze

feeling subdued as i come down to earth
from my bird’s eye view

inverse vertigo for abstract originals
hanging on to sentimental versions
of a pleasure principle
stimulated stimulation on occasion
that is taken but not given
haunted by a vision of derivative living
in the form of a control system with a hidden agenda
so remember to forget it
starstruck innuendo unleaded
for mortal engines in need of attention
or earth angels in need of ascension
her is something you can classify as uplifting
despite deflated dispositions

feeling subdued as i come down to earth
from my bird’s eye view
Track Name: the lesson
indiscriminate indiscretion is now brought into question
and the lesson is what exactly?

white bear temperance fiction
but we’re right there with it
like a symbolic passive witness
to document progression of the obstinate mindset
and hoping that we’re not blinded in the process
the neon demon will need feeding
and it doesn’t understand the adage
about biting your hand
nothing even close to resemblance
of a master plan is in action
a notable absence of a pilot makes the projectile
ready to defile something bullet bill style
victory dance upon a tuned mass damper
tamper with the physics like it never even mattered

indiscriminate indiscretion is now brought into question
and the lesson is what exactly?

common men talking ad hominem so prolific
on a search for acknowledgement
building monuments to an artificial dominance
prominent with groupthink opulence
call it what you want or whatever
we are here to sever any clever definition
at the root by admission if deemed insufficient
antidote for toxic existence

indiscriminate indiscretion is now brought into question
and the lesson is what exactly?

placate my late escapism
write a culling song to the rhythm
journal of my role as a plenary indulgence consultant
forever revolting to the mainwave
perpendicular brainwave
making supersonic plunderphonics
human harmonics that are shaped
like a psychedelic sonnet
pyramid brick shift resonance
solid groundwork for a full-blown testament
to thought systems that are far from systematic
verbalized nanotech steady catching wreck
for dramatic effect unchecked and unbalanced
just so i can make a fallacy out of malice

indiscriminate indiscretion is now brought into question
and the lesson is what exactly?
Track Name: mainline
locked in a captivity that’s self-imposed
but so it goes
feeling juxtaposed in that tiny fraction of time
between sublime and subliminal
dropping seminal clues
non-conventional method infused
into the first thing i find looking like a mainline
staying blind to warning signs
in the hopes i can undermine
what’s asinine if not undefined
trying to unwind like i’m tangled up
in the mess of my mind
i say dance yrself clean
quick fixes are a normal thing
in this haze of present daze and confused
so obtuse that it must be a ruse

i enlist iron fist type commitment
to show i’m different from your indifference
tilt-shift on less perspective
among the corrective measures
the kind that’ll embrace flying blind
when i’m leaving everything behind
abject mastermind self designation
as a declaration of independence
listed in the appendix
an instance of passive vengance
slipstream to assist anybody fenced in
and feeling pensive for now
time will allow the space that it takes
for the sake of your interface to arrive
at a higher placement beyond the pavement
somewhere enlightenment adjacent
ven diagram connected
in sectors undetected and unexpected
the eclectic gamut has landed
with plans of expansion
growing like tetsuo ‘til it overthrows
any basic understanding
or rationale of that now-time delegation
population control via
drake equation and chaos math in tandem
getting all dissonant mixing it into the blueprint
making plans conducive to upward movement
to open alternative uses and new avenues
to make maneuvers and feed the muse
and hold that hunger strike at bay
for hopefully just one more day
Track Name: the limit is mythic
i’ll admit that the bottomless pit
that represents my well of ideas
is frontier medicine without diagnosis
and deep devotion that leaves my
third eye pretty much always open
and focused on an omen so prolific
the limit is mythic
documented in hieroglyphics so that
subtext will not be lost in translation
no phasing out
lunar props will be dropped upon these
huddled masses that mill about
with no direction and common misconceptions
taken in as gospel for hostile types
that thrive on instant validation
use insinuation to bend the will
of opposing delegations
towards the favor of views
that seem to waver in nature
like they’re shifting shape, but can’t escape
from a source that’s out of order
borderlands reporter with assorted bad news
to use as weapons of deep seduction
and mass destruction
hired leviathans firing off
at the drop of a hat with non-inspiring chatter
from soapboxes
closer to toxic than obnoxious

still considering quarantine
on the whole regime
give it the title of dead meme for the time being
‘til i switch it up on some war machine
you could see me in a crown
when it’s going down like gravity falls
monologue on the moment then
stick around for a curtain call
Track Name: horror garbage
dreams of turning personal trash
into cold hard cash

commentary pirate channel operator
got the hostile takeover planned for later
signal termination will be the new start
all spark keepin’ it lit after dark
that’s a stark contrast to the inner circle
that our outsider clan will outlast
list of names that’ll cut glass making up the roster
buncha miscellaneous monsters
maybe you’re a contra
seeking a vampire weekend
so you can operate without sleeping
fever dreaming for a living
stay long enough and you ge to be the villain
when the space needs filling
now cast in the tall grass
or an infinite ikea from the euclid class

dreams of turning personal trash
into cold hard cash

untethered, half-meausre at the moment
straddling dimensional fences
made up out of nothing
bluffing containment
hoping that we’ll bow down to the arrangement
like an arraignment
sentenced by a judgemental menace
playing victim to a false premise for kicks
so it hits a little different
all things considered
figured we could keep it off-kilter

dreams of turning personal trash
into cold hard cash