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  • Salsa Verde MB Recipe

    MB Green Salsa

    4-5 Medium Size tomatillos

    2 Jalapenos with the damn seeds

    Half of a small onion small 

    2 cloves of garlic

    Cilantro to taste chopped up

    1 Lime

    1 teaspoon of Chopped ginger

    1 Teaspoon of brown sugar

    1 teaspoon of ground oregano

    Salt to taste

    Wash tomatillos and jalapenos and put into a small sauce pan. Cover with Water and bring to simmer for 10 min. Remove Tomatillos and jalapenos and roast in a roasting pan until charred. Meanwhile, place onion, garlic, spices, and cilantro into food proessor (ninja, robo coupe, blender). Add tomatillos and Jalapenos. Squeeze in the lime. Add 1 tblsp water. Blend. You want to blend for awhile depending on your processor but you want a smooth consistency. Congrats you just made the MB green Salsa.