Moodhouse is a collective and production company spearheaded by noiserap band Moodie Black. For over a decade Moodie Black has earned a reputation for being pioneers in a newer genre of rap music deemed as "noiserap' merging the beats and style of hip hop with everything from shoegazey atmospheres to blistering experimental noise. Moodie Black has gone from obscurity in a small suburb of Phoenix, AZ to international touring act. Throughout that time Moodie Black has focused on community and learning from there experience how to help other bands in a fledgling music climate. Moodhouse was created out of a need for inclusion, safe spaces, and transparency in the overall music scene. A podcast under the same name helped to highlight the various personalities in the contemporary music and social media scene under the pretense of learning more about the ins and outs of being successful in today's world.

In addition to music education Moodie Black contributes in the field of advocacy for the LGBTQ community as KDEATH the lead singer and creator is an openly transgender woman. The conversations around these heavy issues have been featured in interviews from Out Magazine to the Moodhouse podcast itself. Moodie Black often curates shows and events featuring other trans and POC artists while using their influence to shed light on acts others may not be familiar with. The Moodhouse festival aims to be an even bigger piece of that contribution. The festival will feature a predominantly queer and POC artist roster with an emphasis on acts that may not or have never played festival stages previously as well as Legends.

We think this is a great opportunity and platform to have the public donate to the event and help enrich the community. The funding will go to the expenses related to production costs, artists fees, and promotional materials.